New build railway Wendlingen-Ulm,
Tunnel Albaufstieg, Germany

This project was realized by the engineering office laabmayr.

The Albaufstieg section is the central component of the 59.6km-long Deutsche Bahn (DB – Germany Railways) new build railway between Wendlingen and Ulm. The route passes the entire length of the mountain range Schwäbische Alb on its northwest-southeast alignment from Wendlingen near Stuttgart to Ulm.

The topology dictates that five tunnels of total length 30.4 km, 17 railway bridges and 20 road bridges are constructed to create the railway.The heart of this section is the twin-bore, 8,806m-long Boßler Tunnel and 4,847m-long Steinbühl Tunnel.

According to the safety concept, cross-passages are to be constructed at 500 m centres. The Boßler and Steinbühl Tunnels will have 17 and 9 cross-passages respectively. The Boßler Tunnel will be partially constructed from a secondary access adit, which is 960 m long and will be backfilled after completion of construction.