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The necessity of creating underground space for a great variety of purposes has become a steadily more and more attractive concept over the decades. The future of mobility and infrastructure is increasingly under the ground surface. ATE is a special force of Austrian specialists with over 35 years of accumulated expert experience in tunnelling throughout the whole world. We respond to every highly complex geological task with assurance and expertise.

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We find efficient solutions

The construction of every tunnel presents multi-layered challenges. The allure of the unknown is out motivation to develop solutions that work. The focus is always efficiency and the foundation of our work an innovative spirit.

We create new living space

The world’s population is growing and, with it, the need for efficient concepts. For example, we move traffic underground, open up new paths, create more convenient connections and, as a result, create more useful living space und increase quality of life.

We create the infrastructure of the future

Tunnel construction is not only key for the demands of constantly increasing traffic. It is also essential for other infrastructure needs. Careful planning can save CO2. We are committed to sustainable processes, saving energy, and protecting our environment.

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Laabmayr and IGT: When two Austrian tunnelling experts join forces, they create something special – ATE. Inspired by the coming challenges in the near future, our teamwork allows us to create sustainable infrastructure in the sphere of this awesome work of nature – the ground.



We are your 100% dependable partner and bring every project to a successful conclusion. We have a culture of excellent service and the confidence to make decisions even in the most challenging of situations.


Team members

The best engineers in world and long-serving members of our staff are the reason ATE enjoys an excellent international reputation.


Successful projects

If it’s a project with special challenges, then it’s a job for ATE. A plethora of successfully completed projects are the best proof of our effective working methods.

1000 km


tunnel designed

500 km


tunnel construction supervised

€ 2 Bill.

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construction volume

€ 1 Mill.

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€ 25 Bill.

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construction volume designed

€ 12.5 Bill.

Up to

construction volume supervised

We provide the solutions for unconventional construction projects.

No project is too big, none too challenging. ATE is your specialist and partner for particularly complex tasks. We are at your side with stamina and high-quality service through to the realisation of your project.

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A tunnel is a highly complex structure. Part of the challenge are the geological conditions and the need to estimate their implications accurately. A daunting task requiring design competence and high performance to make the impossible possible. In every discipline (geology, geotechnics, design, engineering…) we engage perfectly trained technical specialists – an indispensable partner at your side.

Tunnel design has been our core profession for more than 35 years. An all-round perspective allows us to provide perfect project implementation.
From beginning to end.

We are aware of the responsibility we carry and guarantee highest quality engineering, delivery to deadlines, cost efficiency and fairness – in all our services:

  • Project design
  • Tunnel Design
  • Geotechnical design
  • Structural design
  • Hydraulic design
  • Consulting
  • Site supervision
  • Geotechnical Supervision
  • Tunnel Inspections
  • Tunnel Software


Special force
ATE: For challenges
that go deeper

In tunnelling, projects with special challenges are common. Large projects in particular are not always straightforward. It is precisely the complexity of these projects that drives our curiosity and determination to find a solution, even if needed only for a short section or the final metres of a tunnel. Our projects rely on NATM, a technique to whose development and optimisation we are a major contributor.

We are a special force in tunnelling. IGT and Laabmayr join to form an unbeatable team. Below is a sample of our projects..


Site supervision Semmering Base Tunnel, Austria

Under two hours by train from Vienna to Graz, thanks to the Semmering Base Tunnel, the heart of the Südbahn upgrade in Austria.

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Vienna Metro lot U2-17, Austria

Lot U2-17 comprises the extension of Metro link U2 from the Altes Rathaus station to Matzleinsdorferplatz.

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New build railway Wendlingen-Ulm, Tunnel Albaufstieg, Germany

The Albaufstieg section is the central component of the 59.6km-long Deutsche Bahn (DB – Germany Railways) new build railway between Wendlingen and Ulm. The route passes the entire length of the mountain range Schwäbische Alb on its northwest-southeast alignment from Wendlingen near Stuttgart to Ulm.

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Sydney Metro, Australia

IGT undertook design of the excavation and support measures and secondary lining of a crossover cavern. The structure is located in sandstone and was constructed from around the centre of the cavern outwards using a temporary crosscut located in the Luna Park Fault Zone.

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Crossrail, London, United Kingdom Lots C300, C410 & C435

With a length of around 120 km, Crossrail will link the eastern and western extents of Greater London. The heart of the new railway project is the tunnelled section. Twin-bore tunnels with a length of 21 km cross the centre of London.

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Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Bosporus Tunnel, Turkey

Istanbul is a metropolis of several million inhabitants, where space is at a premium. the Eurasia Tunnel links the Asian and European sides of Istanbul with a double-decker tunnel under the Bosporus.

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Site supervision and coordination Tunnel chain St. Kanzian, Austria

IGT undertook site supervision on behalf of ÖBB Infrastruktur (Austrian Federal Railways Infrastructure). The St. Kanzian chain of tunnels includes a 620m-long cut-and-cover tunnel in Srejach, a 665m-long mined tunnel in Untersammelsdorf and the 230m-long open-cut Paratschitzen Tunnel.

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S10 Mühlviertler express road, Austria Tunnel Götschka

The S10 Mühlviertler express road project includes a 22km-lon new build section in Upper Austria between the end of the A7 motorway and Freistadt. The new section includes four tunnels, four cuttings and numerous further structures.

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A11 Karawanken Tunnel, second bore, Austria-Slovenia border

The western bore of the Karawanken Tunnel was opened for two-way traffic in 1991 and is managed jointly by the Austrian (ASFINAG) and Slovenian (DARS) highway agencies. the existing bore is 7870 m long and has no emergency escapes.

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Ongoing detail design E05 Korsvägen, NATM design Liseberg Tunnel, Göteborg, Sweden

The project section E05 Korsvägen is part of the railway project Västlänken in the centre of Göteborg, Sweden. E05 Korsvägen includes mined, open-cut and cut-and-cover tunnels, a station a dive structure at Almedal, and a crossing under the Mölndalsån river.

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Emergency escape and services tunnel design Schmitten Tunnel

The Schmitten Tunnel was built between 1992 and 1995 according to the guidelines and standards for road tunnels (RVS) of the time. It was opened to two-directional, single carriageway traffic on 27th June 1996. Components of the safety equipment must be brought up to modern standards after 23 years of continual operation.

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Feasibility study Research station Schneefernerhaus – Zugspitze

The Schneefernerhaus is a former hotel 2650 m above sea level and has been used as a climate monitoring station since 1999. The feasibility study was undertaken to find underground solutions for an additional research station at the watershed above the existing Schneefernerhaus. Access to the construction site was by means of the existing rack-and-pinion railway. The research station was to continue operation during construction.

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We go the extra mile.

We have over 35 years of amassed tunnelling experience and at the same time use our spirit of innovation in the present day to realise complex tunnelling projects in the future.