A curiosity for the unsolvable drives our solution-oriented approach.

Tunnel construction is the sphere of technicians, engineers and the miners on site. They can create a stable hole in the most difficult of conditions, whether with hardly any cover to the ground surface, or thousands of metres underground. Overhead lie tonnes of mass. This an exercise for the mind and a great art!

The world over, there are different tunnelling methods in use. We provide the ground what it needs and implement thought-through solutions with farsightedness. We will always work to conserve resources – according to the principles of sustainability.

Fields of Activity


We offer planning, design advice and management services for all types of new-build underground works, whether road, rail, power generation, utilities, storage, or mining.

Rock mechanics

Our services in rock construction include the planning and design of rock slopes/cuttings, foundations, support measures for quarries and the repair of rockfall and rockslides.

Soil mechanics

Our soil mechanics services range from foundations for structures and bridges to reinstatement of landslides and support for embankments and excavations.

Tunnel refurbishing

We inspect, check, maintain and refurbish existing structures when the need arises. We undertake the inspections and provide planning, design, consultancy and management services for every type of refurbishment or remedial works, including modernising or reconstruction of existing infrastructure.

Tunnel safety

As pioneers of tunnel safety, we have the knowledge needed to create safety concepts and alarm, emergency and intervention plans and deliver fast results. We take into account the requirements of the relevant authorities, emergency services, and stakeholders, as well as the requirements and concepts of the infrastructure owner or operator.

Hydraulic engineering

Our services range from hydraulic design of infrastructure to reservoir sediment management.

Material management

The management of excavated material requires ever-growing attention, particularly on large projects. We offer planning, consultancy, and management services right from the beginning of a project, to either avoid, recondition or reuse excavated or demolition material.

Concrete construction

We provide all services for the planning, design, and management for the completion of underground works structures.

Information technology

Our IT competence combines an intensive engagement with data processing with our branch-specific technical expertise. Our staff support you on site with purpose-built technical software developed by our in-house team.


Project design & project management

ATE plans, designs, and accompanies your project from first concepts through to completion and can take responsibility for the inspection of the structure for its whole working life. Aspects of operations and maintenance are taken into account in early phases of design.

Tunnel design

The cooperation of various engineering disciplines allows us to deliver thought-through solutions for every commission. Our years of tunnelling experience allow us to combine insights from finished projects with state-of-the-art technologies in each design.

Geotechnical design

Geotechnical design is the bases of every project. Specific to tunnel projects is the key role of continual adaptation to the geotechnical conditions encountered on site.

Structural design

Calculations can never capture reality exactly. When implementing the results in the geotechnical design, we always aim to strike the right balance between stability and economy.

Hydraulic design

Whether in hydropower construction or in urban environments, waster conduits can often only be sited underground. We take account of the special requirements presented and offer optimised design.


Knowledge is our most valuable asset and the basis of high-quality consultancy. The multifaceted specialisms of ATE are add up to an outstanding consultancy service offer.

Site supervision

Following a careful design, the optimal construction of the project must be ensured. ATE can take on the whole technical and financial supervision with a particular eye on costs and programme.

Geotechnical supervision

The behaviour of the ground can only be predicted in the design phase. On site, the geotechnical specialist from ATE takes account of the measurements and monitoring to correctly appraise the ground as actually encountered and can react accordingly to ensure the safety of the structure.

Tunnel inspections

Existing structures need careful technical inspections at regular intervals. ATE undertakes the whole technical execution and supports the infrastructure owner to make economic decisions.

Tunnel software

We develop and distribute bespoke software for tunnelling. tunnel:suite is a leading program in this area and supports technical specialists in their work on site.