Ongoing detail design
E05 Korsvägen, NATM design Liseberg Tunnel, Göteborg, Sweden

This project was realized by ATE.

The project section E05 Korsvägen is part of the railway project Västlänken in the centre of Göteborg, Sweden. E05 Korsvägen includes mined, open-cut and cut-and-cover tunnels, a station a dive structure at Almedal, and a crossing under the Mölndalsån river.

Structures: NATM Tunnel – Design of excavation, support, and secondary lining
Design scope: Investigation of options, feasibility studies, concept design, detail design

Owing to the shallow cover and complex geotechnical conditions, the tunnel is excavated in with conventional NATM methods using sidewall drifts. Ground improvement and waterproofing measures, pile walls and dewatering were undertaken in advance of the tunnel drive. The secondary lining is a waterproof reinforced structure.